How It Works

The bulk portal will allow you to place bulk gift card orders for e-gift and physical gift cards over $2,000.

Note: For bulk order we only accept payment via ACH and Wire transfer

For orders under $2k, please visit Grubhub’s consumer site and pay via credit or debit.

Note Gift cards can only be used on or the app.

  1. Register for an account here and wait for approval (up to 24 business hours).

    1. Once approved, you can log in and place a bulk order
    2. Once you place an order, you will get ACH details to initiate payment
    3. Please email when you have initiated ACH payment
    4. Once payment is received, our bank will give us confirmation within 72 business hours after submitting (please email if you need Grubhub’s W-9)
    5. Once payment is received your order will be approved
  2. What kinds of gift cards can I order:

    1. Physical plastic gift cards mailed in bulk to one address or multiple addresses
    2. Download a file of e-gift codes
    3. Upload an excel sheet of email addresses to send of e-gift cards directly from the portal
    4. Download an excel file of links to a landing page with an e-gift design and code to send out in your own email template
  3. Apply customization

    1. Personalization is a wonderful way to add extra meaning
    2. eGift Card and eGift Card links orders can include a personalized message and a gift card faceplate image you can choose from ranging from general messages to thank you’s, appreciation, etc.
  4. Denomination and quantity

    1. Let us know how many and how much.
    2. For plastic cards, you can choose any denomination between $15 - $1,000. For eGift Cards, you can choose any denomination between $10 - $1,000
    3. Bulk gift card order min: $2,000 order minimum
  5. Deliver anywhere, anytime. Gift cards are delivered to recipients when and how you want

    1. Plastic orders may be shipped anywhere in the US
    2. For mailing gift cards, you can select a shipping method. Note that processing can take up to 72 business hours in addition to mailing based on your selected shipping method
    3. eGift Card orders will deliver within hours once payment has been received, or can be scheduled up to a year in advance
    4. For codes or links you can instantly download once payment is received


For business inquiries related to becoming a Client Buyer of bulk Grubhub gift cards, please email us at Our hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm EST.